Laughter connects everything she does. Learning to laugh again is learning to live again.
Maria Tucker

About Maria Tucker of Life Is Living

Maria Tucker is a reiki master, a qualified laughter therapist and holds two certificates in counselling. However, her approach is different to other healers and coaches. She believes the extraordinary effect she has on many people is due not just to her training, but to the many challenges she herself has faced.

Maria knows what it is like to plunge the depths of despair. Twice divorced, she also suffered a devastating accident which left her in agony and confined to a wheelchair for two years.

It happened when she was 30, while ice skating, an activity she found helped relieve the stress of holding down a high-powered job working for a top London management consultancy. She excelled at the sport, but during one session she fell badly and fractured her back.

An epidural to block the nerves surrounding her spine failed to have the desired effect and Maria suffered the worst physical pain of her life.  She spent two months in hospital and lost her job as a result of the debilitating effects of her injury.

With medical experts giving her no hope of a recovery, her downhill journey went into freefall and she plummeted into a deep depression.

But one day while out with family and friends in the Peak District, Maria summoned the strength to fight back. Sitting in a wheelchair at the bottom of a hill, she watched the rest of her party walk upwards and away from her to reach a lofty vantage point. It was a startling and graphic representation of how far she had sunk in life.

Despite being swamped by an overwhelming sense of grief, her resolve to recover was stiffened.

In addition to re-deploying the natural healing gifts she had been given, she gained a new thirst for knowledge, taking up courses in reiki, counselling and life coaching.

Maria realised that by helping others she could also help herself.  Using a set of highly effective psychological tools and life skills, she improved day by day.

Although in constant pain, she was soon able to abandon her wheelchair, to the amazement of her doctors, and concentrate on making increasingly bigger steps. The foundations of Life is Living were beginning to form.

Her journey from the bottom to the top of the hill was completed in the form of a miracle. She had been told it would be too dangerous to have a child because of the severity of her spinal condition. Despite this, she went on to have a healthy daughter.

Now she helps others reach new heights by offering a range of services including healing, laughter therapy, life coaching and relationship fertility programmes. 

Laughter connects everything she does. Maria says learning to laugh again is learning to live again…. and all her clients bear testimony to that.
If you feel Maria could help you to lead a better life, call her today to book a free ‘discovery session.’