People say keeping it real is a hard thing to do. Keeping it real is easy. Being fake and being soft is hard to do.
Trick Daddy


"I would highly recommend Maria to my friends, family & colleagues I feel very privileged to have had her as my coach. My 12 weeks coaching was very transformative, she helped me priorities what was important in my personal life and professional life as well. She introduced me to some incredible tools & concepts of being present & making space in my life & helped guid me to surround myself with the right people & tasks that were good for me & for my goals while eliminating the energy involved in tasks & relationships that were not. Maria is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening blended with her intuitive skills & insights & direction was always on point . She is very patient & I felt very supported throughout my coaching sessions with her. She really is a gift to this world."

Sally, London


"It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Maria.

I am very confident that her skills and unique method of Coaching can help others as they have helped me as she is a gift to this world. I would highly recommend her. Each session with Maria has been deeply insightful. She has been amazing at supporting me in helping me open up to my true authentic self. Creating a safe container and holding space for me to have many “ahh moments”. She is incredibly intuitive. Our exploration of past experiences/behaviours/language used, have helped me uncover the root cause of challenges which have then provided an opportunity for me to map out a path towards my new way of thinking and being. Through deep listening, her compassionate and kind nature and insightful questions and tools enable me to use these in all current scenarios in my life.

My homework and follow ups after have gone onto to lead me to the answers that were already hidden inside of me, waiting to be revealed and seeing my true potential and helping me reconnect with myself again. Eternally grateful for your support through this crazy journey call life."



“I had an accident at work that left me unable to use my hands and I felt like giving up on life until I met Maria.
Maria has an extraordinary way to help you see that no matter what life throws at you, to focus on what is good and on what you can achieve. 

I was given practical advice and help in all the challenges that I faced in my life. Over a period of three months I was back having a great social life and I now have a job, which I love, helping other people.  (Something I would not have dreamt I could do.)

I have also met a beautiful lady, who also focuses on what I can do, rather than what I can’t do.
Thanks Maria you are an angel and I will never forget how you changed my life.”

Bob from Tamworth


“We had been trying for a baby for a couple of years without success and our life was falling to pieces.

Our sex life was mundane and set on a timer and left no room for love or spontaneity. My husband’s work was suffering as he could not focus as we were constantly arguing.

I was like a woman possessed and the only thing that mattered was the baby I had not yet conceived, and my family and friends all suffered the consequences of that obsession.

Maria not only gave us our life back, we fell in love again and started to enjoy life.  Maria did a lot of healing with both of us as we had some serious baggage to clear in our lives.

I am now pregnant with our first child due to be born in four months’ time.

Thank you Maria for just being you.  For helping us to see the importance of loving, living and giving.”

Marlette and John – Burntwood


“Maria’s story is a remarkable one and she has the ability to captivate an audience. She is an excellent speaker, her enthusiasm is infectious and she will inspire and motivate a room with her positive way of dealing with every situation.”



“I met Maria at an event we were both speaking at. What I didn’t initially realise was that this was only three short weeks since Maria had had a stroke that initially left her paralysed on one side and unable to talk.

I find it amazing that she has made such a strong recovery, never mind that she did so in three weeks.
Her speech was truly inspiring; talking about how she helps others achieve their aims and is working to raise money for worthy causes for those less fortunate than herself.

What a phenomenal lady!”

Tracy Pound, MD
Maximity Limited