Maria’s compelling delivery and thought-provoking messages have seen her appear at several prestigious events.

Talks with Inspirational Speaker Maria Tucker in Burntwood, Staffordshire

Maria Tucker is an inspirational speaker with a powerful message. She engages audiences with her remarkable story and encourages people to get the best from their personal and professional lives.

Inspirational Speaker Maria Tucker in Burntwood, StaffordshireShe speaks from the heart and gives a lot of herself. Using her own life story as an example, she proves there is always a hand to reach out to in times of deep crisis. 

Maria shares with her audiences many of the practical life skills that helped her turn around her own life. But she also believes there is a special power in life which people can learn to gravitate towards to become the person they most want to be.

Laughter plays a huge part in her talks – as it does in all her other services.

Her compelling delivery and thought-provoking messages have seen her appear as the keynote speaker at several prestigious events, including the Headz Up business event, celebrating International Women’s Day, attended by more than 100 women in business and professionals (hightlights here).

Maria’s overriding theme is that happiness is to be enjoyed now and not postponed for holidays or retirement, or anything else in the future.

During her talks, Maria shares many coping mechanisms she has learnt during times of adversity to create happiness in the present. She has also presented to a wide range of businesses and community groups.
One person she always speaks about is teenage cancer sufferer Stephen Sutton who died in May, 2014. When told he had a terminal illness, he responded by launching a fundraising drive for the Teenage Cancer Trust which raised more than £4.5 million.

Maria became involved in his cause by helping to organise a laughathon at his former school in Burntwood, Staffordshire in 2014 when the Guiness World Record was broken for the most people making heart-shaped hand gestures at the same time. This enabled Stephen to tick off one of the final ambitions on his bucket list. A year later, in his memory, she held a World Laughathon family fun day, again in Burntwood.

“Stephen Sutton was so inspirational in my life. I bring him into all my talks because he was such a fine example of how to remain positive. One day I had flu and he asked me if I had done some work to do with arranging Laughathon 2014. I couldn’t tell him I hadn’t because I was ill.  He was in a far worse state than I was, but he carried on regardless. Stephen refocused my journey.”

This video testimonial on Maria’s talks is typical of the reaction she has received in many parts of the country.

Maria has served as vice president of the Lichfield International Speakers Club

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