No matter what is troubling you, my powerful, interactive programme will gently guide you towards a better life, focusing on the things you can do.
Maria Tucker

Life Coaching with Life is Living in Burntwood, Staffordshire

Life is Living offers comprehensive life coaching for anyone who feels, for whatever reason, they are stuck in a rut and not getting the best out of life.

Life Coaching Burntwood StaffordshireYou could feel trapped in a job or a negative relationship, or the source of your problems could be depression, disability or long-term illness. You may want to overcome a phobia, or increase you self-esteem.

No matter what is troubling you, Maria Tucker can help by showing you how to recover your equilibrium to deal with life’s hurdles.

With 15 years’ experience of coaching, she has mentored individuals from all walks of life on how to change their lives for the better.

She also has an excellent success rate in helping people who have become disabled to rediscover their inner smile. Often they find it harder to come to terms with their situation than those born with serious health issues.

Her expertise in this area saw her start a pilot scheme with a famous hospital, assisting mothers with disabilities to cope with the early stages of caring for their baby.

In her eyes, the only people who are truly disabled are those who think they are. She says disability is a fact, but so is happiness and she gives people the skills to travel between the two.

Maria is no stranger to sadness herself. She can talk the talk because she walked the walk.

At one stage in her life she fell into a deep depression following two divorces and an accident which left her in a wheelchair suffering constant pain.

She admits to having blamed everyone around her for her life being so bad, and having a ‘can’t do’ attitude. For two miserable years her life stood still. Then one day she woke up with the words ‘if it was meant to be, then it was up to me’ implanted in her mind.

Maria was born with a gift for healing and she reconnected with her innate skills. She also gained qualifications in areas such as counselling and laughter therapy.

She realised that the more people she helped, the better she would be. Her instinct proved right and the sun returned to her world.

Whatever problem you have, Maria’s powerful, interactive programme will gently guide you towards a better life, focusing on the things you can do. You’ll feel more comfortable in your own skin, happier, healthier… and ultimately more fulfilled.

Maria’s coaching comes from the heart and is aimed at helping you achieve your desires. Under her expert guidance, you’ll learn to smile again – and you’ll learn to live again.

‘The only person who is disabled is the person who focuses on the things they can’t do,’ she says.

People suffering from long-term illness, disability and depression can also expect to: