My work endorses the theory that laughter is the best medicine - for both mind and body.
Maria Tucker

Laughter Healing Sessions in Burntwood, Staffordshire

Laughter is at the heart of everything good in Maria’s life. It is also the consistent thread running through all the help programmes she offers.

Laughter has a wide range of benefits. It releases healthy endorphins, giving us that feel good factor; acts as aerobic exercise which Maria describes as internal jogging; removes inhibitions and breaks down communication barriers.

Laughter Healing Burntwood StaffordshireIt is also the perfect team building tool; can help resist disease by boosting the immune system; helps to tone muscles; improves respiration and circulation; encourages positivity and creativity; and relaxes the body, reducing stress and tension.

And you thought you were just having a laugh!

Some clients fear they may find it hard to force a smile, but Maria’s message to them is – it’s OK to fake it before you make it.

And even faking it can have the desired effect because the body can’t tell the difference.

From throwing giggle parties for young children to laying on laughter sessions in care homes, Maria’s services help people of all ages.

She transforms the atmosphere in care homes by encouraging residents to laugh at themselves and each other. They look at themselves in the mirror wearing big funny glasses, and sing and clap along to songs. Following lots of silly games, the room fills with laughter and joy.

And the entertainment doesn’t stop when Maria leaves. She always involves staff in her laughter sessions and teaches them how to keep the residents smiling long after she has gone.

For corporate clients Maria has specifically designed the Laughable Idea programme which encourages team bonding.

She strongly believes that the workplace has to have an element of fun as employees spend at least eight hours a day together. Her mission is to reinstate integrity, honesty and joy at work. She believes that to have integrity people first have to be caring, and to be caring they need to laugh together.

That’s where Life is Living comes in. Laughter can even be an antidote to a back-stabbing culture, not just improving work relationships, but personal ones too. And it’s entertaining – just ask the managers of the Yogurt Top Marketing company who used the occasion to come up with a new version of a well-known Christmas song. For more information about Life is Living corporate services visit

Maria is a certified laughter leader therapist and also runs Happy Hour sessions for organisations and Ladies Nights for women’s groups. Packed with daft and amusing activities, Ladies Nights are ideal for getting hen parties or social events and outings off to a great start.

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