It was only after I had descended to the lowest point in my life that I realised that by helping other people I could also help myself. That’s how I’ve managed to climb from the bottom to the top of the hill. My mission now is to help other people to do the same by reconnecting them to the smile within themselves.
Maria Tucker

Welcome To Life Is Living

Life is Living founder Maria Tucker is an experienced life coach, natural healer, counsellor and inspirational speaker who has transformed countless lives.

She works with a variety of clients who have suffered illness, disability or mental health problems, and reconnects them to their inner smile.

Many people who first sought her help while ‘clutching bottles of pills’ now lead happy and fulfilled lives. Under Maria’s care they have gone from being ‘emotional wrecks’ to forging strong, loving relationships.

In addition to enjoying better physical and mental health, some have achieved spectacular success in business. Others have gained major promotions at work. A few enjoy fabulous incomes they could previously only have dreamt about.

Through Life is Living Maria runs a full range of programmes which focus on a person’s physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. They include healing sessions designed to regenerate the mind and body, laughter workshops and life coaching for the disabled. In addition, Maria works with people coping with illness and depression, and offers counselling and fertility therapy for couples struggling to start a family.

She also gives motivational talks on the subject of getting the most out of life to businesses and community groups, and has been a guest on radio shows.

Maria uses the unique combination of her own life experiences and the gift of healing, which she was born with, to help others overcome adversity – just as she has done. She has survived a stroke, a serious accident, and two divorces to lead a contented and full life.

For her there is always light at the end of the tunnel – as long as you have the skills that she can teach you to come out on the other side.